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The book featuring “AI BASICS FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS” targets learning of concepts as prescribed by the CBSE. The objective of the module is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Artificial Intelligence and its application in our lives.



Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra is an Academic Evangelist, a former School Principal, with over 30 years of experience as an academician with expertise in implementing TQM, Quality Circles, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, Experiential Learning and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in Academics. As a National Teacher Awardee, year 2005, honored by the President of India, he has published over 45 books, including a computer science series for classes I – XII for CBSE/ CISCE curriculum and has trained over 8000 Teachers Globally on Classroom Management, NLP, Quality Management and Six Sigma In Academics. He has been recently recognized by the LIMCA Book of Records and INDIA book of Records for developing maximum number of Educational Applications for the Google Play Store in India. He is a premium UDEMY Instructor with over 200 Courses with an enrollment of over 4 Lacs covering 180 countries. He is also a TEDx speaker and a CBSE Master Trainer representing Centre of Excellence, CBSE for varied teacher training programmes.


The Quality Icon: Rajesh Singh

The Quality Icon: Rajesh Singh is a resource to recognise the wonderful work done by Mr Rajesh Singh, the Managing Director of Dayal Group of Companies in Lucknow, India. Known for this down to earth nature, a visionary and dynamic leader who leads by example by setting up quality benchmarks for others to emulate. The book leads by example as a ready reckoner towards the life story which marked the humble beginning to a successful launch through hard work and dedication.

The book is a live example of commitment, strong belief and dedication which resulted in success as one of the fascinating success stories.


A Student's Guide to Success

A Student's Guide to Success is a priority learning module for all students of all ages. As we mount to the dependence of technology in nearly everything we do, we have to have the strategies to reflect on or work and learn with the march of time.

The book entertains such a spectrum and prepares the students to mount their success ladder with mindfulness and the brilliant routine they need to follow in this VUCA world of uncertainty, post-COVID and amidst the Russian - Ukraine dispute, which has affected the global world upside down!


Quality Circles in Schools: A Guide to problem solving

Quality Circles in Schools: A Guide to problem-solving, is a priority towards quality learning and teaching in particular. The concept of Quality Circles began in Japan and with the march of the time celebrated its importance globally. Not only in manufacturing units but for sure it has reached schools globally. Now the format of quality circles has reached schools and in classrooms where the students and teachers use it as a tool for problem-solving and innovating creative ideas and implement the same towards their work-life to attain success at large. I am sure the readers shall find a novel way of learning through this book.


A Student's Guide to Good Manners

A Student's Guide to Good Manners is a step towards harnessing the skills of the students in particular. The book talks about the priorities for students, teachers and parents to equip the best of learning and engaging the knowledge sharing within and outside the classrooms in particular.

The importance of connection is incorporated via various strategies and formulation towards the best of governance and teaching.

The book fetches a connection to learning with the wow spectrum as a priority.


Basics of Go Programming

The book Basics of GO Programming is a simple guide towards understanding the structure of GO Programming Langauge also known as GOLANG. The modules actively cover the basics, program structure and data types. It covers sample programs with a clear understanding to the readers through easy compilation and execution. Happy Learning.


Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child

Parenting does not just mean raising a child as you were raised, instead taking responsibility for the lives of others in addition to self. The book featuring "Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child" encapsulates measures and strategies to be an excellent parent and deliver the joyful journey with your kids with passion and delight.


I hope you all enjoy the learning and engage yourselves as great parents!


School Management Thoughts

School Management Thoughts is a collection of quotes and references towards effective school management and its strategies with the march of time. Post Corona, the activation of learning has yielded yet another challenge to manage a school. We as educators look forward to effective management of teaching, learning and running the school with the priorities on our table. For sure the activation desire the leading of the school towards development through not only the optimum use of the human resources, physical sources, principles and concepts that help in achieving all the objectives of the school but also the proper coordination and adjustment among all of them.



The book Motivating & Quality Parenting is a watchdog for all parents who believe in learning to learn as a priority. The book features the initiation towards parenting as a feature to support the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood, but for sure growing with the child with the march of time. The book features and shares the inception towards bringing the best in the child through various strategies and conception in practice.


Tools For Quality For Schools

Tools For Quality For Schools is a priority for schools to encapsulate quality culture in action. It has a mechanism of exploring the ideas and strategies to bring out in public the challenges and converting them into solutions on the move.

The book defines the structural format in action with the inception of quality tools and benchmarked strategies in particular.


Educators Success Stories

Educators Success Stories is a quality collection of thoughts and achievements of various educators who have been of great recognition and contribution towards making learning a wow spectrum.


R Programming For Beginners

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Core Team and the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. R Programming Basics is a learning dose of basics for budding programmers.


The Climate Classroom

The priority of teaching about Sustainability Development Goals within schools is on cards. The climate Classroom is one such step to make it a possibility through awareness on Climatic Changes and the importance of GREENER earth on top priority as well.

There is such an importance of awareness for Reduce, reuse, and recycle Recycle school or classroom paper, newspapers, beverage containers, electronic equipment, and batteries. We as educators need to take a call on bringing environmental education as a mandatory learning spectrum within our classrooms. The Climate Classroom is hence a parcel to productivity for the mother earth through the future builders of the nation in totality. I am sure the book shall serve the purpose for schools in a big way globally.

Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra



JULIA Programming For Beginners

JULIA Programming for Beginners is a measure to address issues towards making the skills towards the inception of competency in computer programming. It showcases the basics for beginners into learning JULIA programming skills as a pleasure. Cheers & Happy Learning!


School Leadership Priorities

TheSchool Leadership Priorities is an assembly of work defined for the heads of schools on priority. It reflects the ideation and the general assignments of repute, at any workplace, independent of the nature of the school whether being private or public, managed, aided, or trust-driven. The priorities deliver the aims and objectives set for the school principals on a notion of a daily basis as well as on the go as a practice.


Academic Audits In Schools: What, Why & How?

The Academic Audit in Schools is a realistic approach towards gaining excellence with a priority towards upgradation on the move. It is hard to accept mistakes and hence we need to learn from our mistakes, which appear on the go. The book titled, Academic Audits In Schools: What, Why & How? is an experiment to highlight issues related to reviews and observations made by me, as an academic auditor in over 100 schools over the past years, PAN India. The feedback comes with a view towards finding facts not faults in particular.

The book aims as a ready reckoner to all Heads of Schools, Owners and Educators who wish to practice KAIZEN - A notion of improvement, in their schools.

Happy Learning.


Work Ethics For Teachers

Work Ethics For Teachers is a priority towards excellence in education. It defines and migrates the recognition to the profession at large and equips learning and teaching as a common spectrum holding the page high to the most respected and recognized profession in the world globally.

The book highlights and encapsulates some of the features of work ethics and priorities which teachers must respect and work the talk with the march of time being in this profession. The work attributes towards my experience as an educator myself heading and governing the education delivery and its framework around 100 schools as an academic auditor, author, and school principal. I am sure this work shall be recognized as a practice towards quality practices to bring excellence to the workplace.


Applying SIX SIGMA within Classrooms

The book, Applying Six Sigma Within Schools, features a collection of ideas for educators to explore identification of problems within schools and aim at solving them through the DMAIC approach. It also incorporates tools and their implementation through case studies and connect through case studies. A priority for schools towards aim at excellence. The book delivers a power packed solution to the concern towards making Teaching innovative, creative and informative.


Street Smart Teaching Through Artificial Intelligence

The novel approach of technology has re-visited the classroom deliveries to ultimate. We now tend to teach to impress rather than finishing the course in particular.

The book titled, Street Smart Teaching Through Artificial Intelligence, is a passage to bring WOW classrooms a possibility.


The One Minute Educator

The one minute educator is a share towards teaching excellence in this uncertain times of the VUCA World. As a priority, the educators, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra and Dr. Abhishek Pandey present the notion of being a model educator for all to grace with the uncertain world of teaching and excelling using the VUCA technique as:

Understanding the VUCA World the better! And for sure, the education world has witnessed the same over a couple of years with NO Real Classrooms, No Real Children, at pace teaching and learning to the new world order in particular. The book empowers educators to get prepared for the new normal and be a winner.


Tools And Tips For Teaching Online

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps on upsetting the school instruction, and the educating and learning measure keeps on experiencing new difficulties. This book Tools And Tips For Teaching Online, investigates the difficulties engaged with internet instructing and directs teachers and overseers to distinguish and see best practices. Inside and out investigation of how to coordinate an assortment of web innovation instruments for effective internet learning. For every single online instructor, and the individuals who plan educational programs for online conditions. It's an ideal opportunity to help and gain from each other with the goal that everybody can flourish in the unsure future.


Online Reputation Management

The importance of ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT(ORM) is a reality which we have tasted of late due to our commitments working online and being in connect via the technology in particular.

The wonderful scenario of DIGITAL preface delivers the making of the preferences and designing and defining the requisites in directive managing. The importance of this preface adopts in particular the idea towards our online activities which make us believe the connect.

The book featuring ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT features the spectrum of our online deliberations both via communication and activities with our responses and reactions attributed to the task.


Learning And Knowing For A Smarter Life

Learning is a one of the requisites one shares life long and to the surprise of many, the most trusted priorities in the world. To LEARN is to EARN and there has to hence be some innovation in learning practices with the march of time. We just cannot practice LEARNING the way our elders did or the way we do in our real life, and there comes the importance of “Learning & Knowing For A Smarter Life” towards quality spectrum for all, at all age groups for Learning is a way of living. I am sure my book, “Learning & Knowing For A Smarter Life” would help and inspire the STUDENTS fraternity of all age groups to explore excellence.



VUCA is an abbreviation that arose out of the military during the 1990s. It portrays the "haze of war" — the turbulent conditions that are experienced on an advanced combat zone. TEACHING IN THE VUCA WORLD, a priority on cards fetches the world of uncertainties. The new world order of VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX, AMBIGUOUS approaches reflect a new normal learning and exploring the novel order of working. The book Teaching in the VUCA world, ideates the scenario and reflects on new learning strategies. Happy Learning!


COVID Learnings

COVID, PANDEMIC, LOCKDOWN, DISTANCING and other new terms which garnered the interest in the past couple of years gave a great learning to the majority.

The book titled, Covid Learnings, is a collection of ideas and take aways towards excellence during the covid era by the educationists. It relates to the Strengths, Emotional management, Attention and awareness, Relationships, Coping, and Habits gained during the era by all the stakeholders including the Parents, Teachers, Students and the Community at large.

A must read for a positive mindset and adopting the new normal by all. I am sure the inputs shared shall revisit our ways and means for an adoption of habits of the new age to survive.


The 200 KAIZEN Habits

The book The 200 Kaizen Habits is a narrative towards quality and excellence in life. It encompasses the ideas and methodologies towards continuous improvement as a hobby rather than a one time practice. A book of need and a priority towards paging excellence at work life, learning spectrum and producing units at large. Happy Learning!


Syed Shamael Ahmad : The QUALITY Education Icon!

Syed Shamael Ahmad: The Quality Education Icon! Is a work to introduce to the world a personality in the field of education, an individual who has been connecting and exploring dimensions of contribution in the field of education in particular. It is worth noting here that Mr. Syed Shamael Ahmad, the National President of the Private Schools and Children Welfare Association (PSCWA) is an IRON man with GRIT and DETERMINATION and his efforts towards promoting the quality education in the country with a network of over one lac schools PAN India is exemplary.


Human Rights Education: A Priority Learning at Schools

The book featuring Human Rights Education: A Priority Learning at Schools is a notion towards excellence and serves as a ready reckoner for the students at large on issues related to Human Rights. It also reflects the awareness and its importance among the society as a fundamental right. The book is a must have for all the schools and colleges keen on implementing HRE, the Human Rights Education as an expertise.


100 Ideas For Effective School Assemblies

The book, 100 Ideas For Effective School Assemblies, features a collection of ideas for assemblies ranging from thoughtful fact sharing moments to fun and information packed solutions to deliver a learning out come in the notion.

The book delivers a power packed solution to the concern towards making assemblies creative and informative.


Meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Schools

The book featuring Meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Schools is a priority towards assuring a Greener Earth as a part of exploring the desires and demands of the society. We have had enough of sufferings and calamaties due to the ignorance towards our mother earth and its existance. It is high time that we come together and do something to assure a protected tomorrow for our coming generations. Assuring meeting the SDG as a priority.


50 Great Books For Teachers

The book highlights about the top read books available for Teachers towards excellence in Teaching as a Skill. It is a ready reckoner for all school libraries as a special mention.


Teachers’ Favourite Teaching Strategies That Work

Teachers Favourite Teaching Strategies That Work is a requisite for educators towards making a difference in the Teaching-Learning attributes to gain success at large. The book features Managing Trends within classrooms and favours learning as a part of the Kaizen approach towards continuous development, in particular. The concept deals significantly with making a difference via intelligence with the practice of novel strategies, which works wonders within classrooms. It features various teaching patterns and strategies, which work and bring out an academic climate within classrooms as a priority for learners to assure a wow learning culture in particular. It’s a must for all budding and experienced educators for bringing a learning environment of creativity, engagement and interest for the students within classrooms.


Marketing Mantras For Schools

The book is a ready reckoner towards effective school management. It shares the effective ways to manage a school through various strategies and practices. A must buy for all heads of schools to make an effective marketing plan for the schools.



Setting Up and Managing Schools Effectively is an initiative towards preparedness for schools and covers strategies towards effective management in particular. A ready reckoner for all heads of schools and promotors.


Career Planning And Development For Students

Career Planning and Development of Students is a ready reckoner for students, teachers and parents. It aims at developing a climate of learning towards career planning and execution with a belief towards learning to learn as a priority.


Impact of Information Technology on Quality Education in Schools

The book Impact of Information Technology on Quality Education in Schools, incorporates a study on the inception of Technology Integration in schools in particular. The objective is towards re-visiting the learning capsule via implementation of ICT Skills among the teaching and learning processess as educational climate within schools.



The book is a ready reckoner for teachers towards exploring various Teaching Strategies. A must for all educators who believe in learning to learn as a priority. It is a collection of novel strategies which can be shared within the classroom to bring out a wow spectrum among the students. It dwells on subjective measures towards engaging students.


NEP 2020- At a Glance for Educators

NEP 2020- At a Glance for Educators, is a step towards getting to understand the concept of NEP and its roll out expectations from the side of the stakeholders in particular. The books is a narration about what and why with expectations on making learning a priority for all. The objectives and the implementation is shared as a reader's point of view and governs the aspect of making learning a delightful attribute for all.


Winning Secrets of Parenting

Winning Secrets of Parenting explores skills for new age parents to harness the potentials of their kids at large. It is a notion to deliver and share the management of kids with emphasis on life skills and success at large. A must for all home libraries in particular.


Super Teaching: Over 1000 Practical Strategies

Super Teaching: Over 1000 Practical Strategies is a quality initiative for schools towards 1000+ innovative practices as a compilation towards excellence. A priority for schools towards teaching and learning as a wow spectrum within schools. A must for all school libraries in particular.


High Performance Traits

High Performance Traits is an initiative towards achieving the best in life with integration of skills and fellowship among students. The book deals with the notion of learning to learn as a priority with emphasis on quality strategies towards excellence as a hobby rather than an ocassional ocurrence. The reflections relate to the practices of making a win-win approach towards being a life long learner.


Coding For Kids in Python

Coding For Kids in Python is a ready recknoner towards programming expertise in Python with basics of understanding and logic building. The projects given with source codes deliver a priority towards better understanding and ease of learning.


Do sau parenting kaushal / दो सौ पेरेंटिंग कौशल

पेरेंटिंग एक महान जिम्मेदारियों में से एक है जो जीवन को लंबी और कई लोगों को आश्चर्यचकित करता है, जो दुनिया में सबसे विश्वसनीय जिम्मेदारियां हैं। माता-पिता की देखभाल करना है और समय के मार्च के साथ पालन-पोषण प्रथाओं में कुछ नवाचार करना है। हम सिर्फ अपने पालन-पोषण को प्राप्त करने के तरीके का पालन करने का अभ्यास नहीं कर सकते हैं और समग्रता में हमारे धन्य बच्चों की देखभाल और दोहन के सभी स्तरों के लिए गुणवत्ता स्पेक्ट्रम की दिशा में "दो सौ पेरेंटिंग कौशल" का महत्व आता है।

मुझे यकीन है कि मेरी पुस्तक, " दो सौ पेरेंटिंग कौशल " माता-पिता बिरादरी को उत्कृष्टता और एक खुशी का पता लगाने में मदद करेगी और प्रेरित करेगी जो केवल इच्छा होने के बजाय आज कम आवश्यक नहीं है। हमें अपने राष्ट्र, हमारे छात्रों के भविष्य के बिल्डरों के लिए एक सामयिक घटना के बजाय एक शौक के रूप में सीखने के लिए सीखने की शक्ति का पता लगाना चाहिए।


200 Accelerated Learning Techniques For Students

The book talks about various strategies for students to explore learning as a delightful journey. It is a ready reckoner for any learner of any age and subject of choice. It manipulates learning as a priority with a wow spectrum of success and confidence.


What & Why? A Know How About CODING

What & Why: A Know how about Coding is a priority for schools to explore the real teaching. It encapsulates the directives towards what and why about teaching CODING in schools as per the recommendations by the National Education Policy, 2020.

The objective is towards exploring the initiatives towards excellence in learning.


Smart Career Planner

The book defines and explores the choosing of a career. It defines the tips required towards choosing the right career. The modules encapsulate strategies to choose a career option with best of decision making and creativity in action.


Roadmap To A New Normal Safe School

Roadmap To A New Normal Safe School is a Quality Initiative for schools towards preparedness for the new normal. The strategies listed feature the format required to be emulated with perfection. The priority is towards safety and security of students, staff and the other stakeholders in particular.



99 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR SCHOOLS POST COVID-19 is certainly going to be a ready reckoner for schools to explore safety checks and assure a safe climate of learning for the kids and teaching for the teachers effectively.



The book Digital Body Language deals with the significance of our attributes online using the digital tools/ platforms in particular. It explores the journey with working online and responding to various activities while being online with references to cloud connect in particular. A great read on understanding human behaviour towards working in the cloud.

Innovative Topic. Worth going through.

- Dheeraj

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Artificial Intelligence Basics For School Students

The book featuring “AI BASICS FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS” for Class X targets learning of concepts as prescribed by the CBSE. The objective of the module is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Artificial Intelligence and its application in our lives. The units dwelled include Excite, Relate, Purpose, Possibilities and AI Ethics which are set to empower the kids to identify and appreciate AI and describe its applications in daily life and to apply and reflect on the Human-Machine Interactions.

small handy book.

- Online

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AI - Artificial Intelligence Basics For School Students (Class IX)

This book, which features artificial intelligence for class IX, targets the learning of concepts as prescribed by the CBSE. The objective of the module is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating artificial intelligence and its application in our lives. The units include Excite, Relate, Purpose, Possibilities and AI Ethics which are set to empower students in identify and appreciate AI, describe its applications in daily life and apply and reflect on Human-Machine Interactions. The book also covers the programming in Python as per the prescribed syllabus of the class IX module of the curriculum.

Veryyyy helpful....must buy

- Manmeet Dhillon

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Loved your work cant wait for your next book.

- Parry

You have excelled in love story writing simply loved reading your work madam

- Deepti

Its an epic love story

- Sonali

Could take my hands of your book.

- Geetika

I would want to read more of your work

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Loved your style of writing I felt connected.

- Grace

Please let me know as soon as you write your next book cant wait to pick one.

- Bhavana

I loved your style of writing it felt so real . .

- Bushra

There should be more rom - com authors like you. Everyone should read your work.

- Kritika

Bought your novel online and thats the best work I have read so far.

- Kanisha

Read your sample pages cant wait for my book to arrive.

- Kesha

A must read book for sure.

- Preet

Read your work online on Amazon it was worth my time. A very strong recommendation for everyone.

- Gagan

Dont stop writing what an amazing book. I must admit.

- Deeps

Hi Amrit
Read ur book
It's filled with love
Keep writing pure love stories must needed.

- Deepti Sikarwar‎

Loved reading your work its one of teh best love stories I have read so far

- Shracha Rajput‎

Heard a lot about your work and I must whatever is said so far is quiet true. Loved your work

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Would love to see your work to be published into a movie it is worth it.

- Jane

Magnificent style of writing its the first of its kind rom com so far. Love Love

- Brone

Keep writing more love stories like this as its is a after a very long time some has written such beautiful story.

- Amina

Great job.

- Amesha


100 Green Schooling Ideas

Schools are required to showcase an awareness of the Green Initiative to make a sustainable future for our generations to come. Environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries but rather being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste. Hence, the priority towards initiating some Green Schooling Projects is a common practice.

A green school is a school that creates a healthy environment conducive to learning while saving energy, environmental resources and money. Green schools significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, improve student and teacher health and enhance student motivation.

The book 100 Green Schooling Ideas is a module, which reserves the spectrum for all quality schools to practice and implement the environment that is conducive to learning at large through Green Initiatives. This shall prove as a ready reckoner for teachers, parents and students at large and will further help and inspire the student fraternity of all age groups to explore the Go Green practices, making a delight and quality a way of life.

Practical and Relevant for Educators!

- Syed Sultan Ahmed

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Tips for Choosing the Right Career

Tips for Choosing the Right Career is a quality spectrum for all and will prove as a ready reckoner for parents and students at large. The book shall further help and inspire the students of all age groups to explore excellence and quality as a way of life. It provides initiatives towards aiming for a career through tips and techniques to follow. The idea is to prepare students for the workforce and ideates the future in action, keeping the confidence and strength intact for aspirants.



The book featuring “AI BASICS FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS” targets learning of concepts as prescribed by the CBSE. The objective of the module is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Artificial Intelligence and its application in our lives. The units dwelled include Excite, Relate, Purpose, Possibilities and AI Ethics which are set to empower the kids to identify and appreciate AI and describe its applications in daily life and to apply and reflect on the Human-Machine Interactions.



The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) has been in practice for over years with the advent of technological progress. Over time, it has blended our lives through nearly every narration of learning, teaching, enjoyment, normal routine operations and what not.

The aspect delivers a common understanding of the topics with reference to it making an impact on our lives, with a better framework of technology affecting our lives in particular. Let us look up to science for a change to be brought about in us. Let us create awareness of making technology available to people, in a broader sense. As that happens, people who are responsible need to be told about the use and misuse of the same.



The book titled, JAGDISH GANDHI- The Quality Education Icon, laminates success mantras and belief by the great personality to bring PEACE and UNITY among the masses through Quality Education for all. As a founder of one of the biggest schools on Earth, “City Montessori School” located at Lucknow, India, which is into the Guinness Book of World Records, Dr. Gandhi is a visionary and a live example of a Quality Education Icon.
I am sure this shall going to be a great tool for inspiration to every and any individual who has willingness to shine with reference to QUALITY as a habit rather than an occasional occurrence.
As per his one of his articles published in The Pioneer, dt. May, 1, 2011, he rightly says that “Education must be imbued with spiritual awareness and be committed to striving for quality in thought, words and deeds. He believes that Quality is linked to Godliness and order. Education is not just getting high grades or marks but developing a balanced spiritual base on the four building blocks and four pillars of education. He believes that the school should strive to mold its students to be ideal world citizens committed to the credo ‘The Earth is but One Country and mankind its citizens”.
I am confident my share for his recognition shall prove to be a great learning and inspiration for the world community at large.



The book, ’99 Safety & Security Anchors’, within schools relates to an emergent requirement towards assuring a safe and secured culture within schools. The checklist mounts at every pace with every new circular from the boards and the concerned authorities right from the registration of the school, the land and the numerous permission we get sanctioned keeping the interest of the children in view just in order to get the recognition/ affiliation and once it is done we tend to ignore the things at its place unfortunately and unconsciously. The book highlights strong points and observatory facts which need an immediate attention. The catch is Quality Care and Concern via Initiatives by the schools on priority.


The 200 Habits of Highly Effective Learners

We all live in a world of information inorder to enlighten oneself with this information persistently, we have to learn and be up-to-date with the march of time. Learning, hence, has to be a hobby rather than an occasional occurrence.

Of course, with yesteryears of learning methodology, we just cannot seek perfection, and hence, there is a need for new strategies and implementations. THE 200 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEARNERS is an experiment to introduce new practices required to achieve excellence for any learner in any field.



200 WOW Parenting Skills is a requisite for all current and aspiring parents at all levels to understand the beauty of raising a child. It delivers learning towards the quality spectrum for caring and harboring children in totality. This handy guide would help and inspire the parents to explore the power of parenting with joy, encapsulating all the traits towards assuring a bright future of our nation.

very good read

- Anju

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Ëxperiential Learning for Educators

Experiential learning for educators defines the job of a teacher as a life long learner and as an educator using learning as a hobby rather than just being an occasional occurrence. Managing and teaching in a class or school is a science more than an art and is reflected using experiential form of learning. The Arena of Quality in education, today demands more reflection away from classrooms and through doing for self.

The classroom scenario today demands more of an experiential experience and story modes and real-time fascinating teaching environments, unlike your or my years of learning as individuals.

The book empowers learning by doing and encapsulates fun and framework based sharing of knowledge in particular.

Learning by Doing.

- Prof. Dr. Rajat Chatterjee

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200 Wow Teaching Ideas

Teaching is one of the noblest professions and to the surprise of many, the most trusted profession in the world; next comes nursing. To teach is to preach, and there has to hence be some innovation in teaching practices with the march of time. We cannot teach the way we were taught and here comes the importance of 200 Wow Teaching Ideas – to provide quality at all levels of teaching and learning.

200 Wow Teaching Ideas would help and inspire the teaching fraternity to explore excellence and students’ delight, which is nonetheless a requisite today rather than just being a desire. We must learn to explore the power of learning with a spree of learning to learn as a hobby rather than an occasional occurrence for the future builders of our nation, our students.

Innovative Ideas. Thank You.

- Prof. Dr. Rajat Chatterjee

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200 C++ Source Codes

The book provides an excellent aid towards Programming in C++ expertise to the students, towards their Computer Science subject as per the guidelines of the various boards and syllabus.

200 C++ Source Codes is an aid to the students who are opting for Computer Science in the various examinations to attain success and 100% results. The source codes are enriched as per the syllabus and the understanding of the logic of C++ programming in a simple manner helping the students to understand better.



200 Java Source Codes For ICSE’ is an aid to all the ICSE students who have opted for Computer Applications in classes IX and X. The source codes are well- drafted in a logical manner. The aim of the programs and source codes is to attain 100% success by the students. Learning and innovation go hand in hand and hence the source codes tend to develop a logical mind and reasoning during execution of the programs and deliver learning with defined logic of programming.

The programs are modelled for the BlueJ model of execution as prescribed by the Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi.

The source codes are executed and compiled using the BlueJ programming environment and tend to respond to the coders with a possibility of coding for better logic and programming definition.

Elegant book

- Rashmi raj

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101 School Management Strategies

101 School Management Strategies is an effective tool for school managers to actively explore the possibility of Excellence and Total Quality Management.

It is a must-have for all school heads and school owners who believe in Active Research and Excellence as a habit, rather than an occasional occurrence.

A must buy for schools.

- Dheeraj

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NLP FOR TEACHERS empowers teachers to rediscover the power of teaching via human excellence towards Quality Literacy for All.

It is a means to manipulate human-building approaches via tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as practice for developing Total Quality Student (TQS) as one of the initiatives of any school with the approach of unleashing the power of success and happiness for teachers, students and parents, in particular.

The author, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, encapsulates his wide experience of over thirty years of teaching and learning to pace the quality initiatives of WOW feature for schools, making every student a PRIDE to the human race, with the power of human excellence as a priority to face the model challenges of tomorrow, with a smile on their faces.

An Emerging Concept .... Simplified .... Thank You.

- Prof. Dr. Rajat Chatterjee

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